Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Hubby Did A Lot Of Hard Work

Before we started this project our yard was in pretty sad shape.  The third week of April 2016, my hubby wheelbarrowed gravel into the area that would become our garden.  Then he got to work placing the cement blocks and cap stones in place to form each bed.  For a couple of weeks we made multiple trips to Lowe's EVERY day.  We were on a first name basis with the young man who loaded my son's truck with the 103 cement blocks and 50 cap stones we used.  Believe me, it took multiple trips just to transport all of those.  That's a lot of weight.

Each box is lined with landscaping cloth to help keep the dirt in the beds.  With all of that in place, it was time to fill them with soil.  We started by filling the bottom of each bed with compost material and the ornamental grass cut from the prior year's growth.  Then, of course, it was back to Lowe's.  We didn't buy garden soil in bulk.  Instead we bought "Stay Green" garden soil with fertilizer.  It was definitely expensive, but well worth it when you see how well our gardens grew.  We bought 48 bags of 3 cu ft of soil.  Again, we had to impose upon our son, Luke to transport a couple of skids of soil.

We have lots of wildlife in our yard, so Eddie (the hubs) decided it would be best to put a fence around our garden area.  I'm sure you know, that meant another trip to Lowe's for fence posts and a roll of fencing.  Nothing fancy, but it keeps the wildlife out except for the birds.

Check back often for more details!

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