Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Let The Planting Begin

April 30th was planting day.  I was totally excited!  We planted two Cherry Tomato plants and two Big Boy Tomato plants in the front half of the first bed.  Cucumbers were planted in the back half.

The second bed was planted with three rows of green beans.  They are a family favorite!

The third bed is split in half.  Zucchini is planted in the front half and Yellow Squash in the back half.  

And, finally, the fourth bed was planted with Everbearing Strawberries and Rhubarb.  The Rhubarb was planted from root, so it took a bit of time for that to come up.  

These photos were taken around the middle of May.  We planted all but the tomatoes and strawberries from seed, so it took a couple of weeks for the plants to grow to the size seen here.  

Come back tomorrow to find out about some of the maintenance chores we do to try to keep weeds from popping up in the graveled areas around the beds.  While we wait for the plants to produce fruits and veggies we have time to prevent those pesky weeds to keep the area looking nice.  

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